HAL 9000 was designed for Mexico’s largest cement manufacturing company, and provides a strategic operation centre to control and co-ordinate their global production, stock and distribution. The building is a one storey high white box. The centre is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. A futuristic interior reflects the image and vision of the company. Key priorities for the design included total security, flexibility for future requirements and a highly controlled environment given its location and function. Computerised lighting allows layouts to be easily varied for daily use or VIP visits. A specially designed glass floor contains all data and electrical distribution as well as services. Etched glass lenses and blue gels are used to convey a dramatic ‘ice house’ atmosphere. Suspended stainless steel mesh cladding has been used to unify walls, columns and services. Control staff works at a desk beneath a translucent fabric ceiling to avoid glare. The wall opposite features a white tensioned sail wall, which can be used as a projection screen or for staff to focus on when resting their eyes from their computer screens.
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hal 9000